Aiya Napa Attractions

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole island is located on the eastern end of the southern cost. The place was once a small fishing village has been now transformed into a paradise of the Mediterranean. Aiya Napa is famous for its golden sandy beaches is located in the southern part of Famagusta district untouched by the Turkish invasion of the island.The word Aiya means Holy and Napa means wooden valley or dell. The area was surrounded by forest in ancient times. Situated 5 miles away from Aiya Napa is another town Protaras which has also been developed in the same manner as Aiya Napa which is a most favoured destination for families and Cypriots.

Aiya Napa has a rich marine life. The museums situated in the town depicts the marine fauna of the Mediterranean and is also a center for study and research about the same . These museums are dedicated in conveying the message of the importance of preserving the marine life and also for promotion and preservation of marine heritage of Cyprus. There are many sculptures, paintings, engravings and ceramics made by artists in 19TH and 20TH century preserved here.Some ancient tombs, archeological sites and ancient burial sites are also located in Aiya Napa.

The town is also a shopping center where a large number of boutiques selling designer sunglasses , watches , clothes and accessories at offer prices. The town is also famous for its handicrafts galleries.

Aiya Napa attracts a large number of tourists and is famous for its golden sandy beaches. The Cape Greco situated near the town is a major attraction and is a place for sightseeing, cliff jumping and other activities such as fishing, swimming, cycling and riding. It is believed that a sea monster which somewhat resembles a dragon exists in Cape Greco but only a couple of sightings and photographs have been reported. Suggestions have also been made by a few people as the monster being a descendant of a creature from prehistoric times. The beaches are famous for water sports such as water skieing,canoeing, scuba diving, wind surfing and speed boating. There are a lot of beaches offering variety of facilities for people of different age groups and many crowded and less crowded beaches to choose. All the beaches in Aiya Napa have clean bathing water and has been awarded the EU blue flag. Aiya Napa is presently the party capital of the island. A lot of beach parties take place here which pulls most of the crowd to this town. . A water theme park situated in Aiya Napa the Water World offers great rides for people of different ages and tastes and is the largest waterpark in Europe.

The town is filled with many shops, luxury resorts, top class themed restaurants and clubs, discos and the beaches providing total entertainment to tourist from all over the globe and this multicultural town is for sure a paradise of the Mediterranean.

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