North Cyprus Casinos

Hook, line and sinker - Right here at Cyprus

Cyprus is a hub of entertainment, and it has its share of deluxe casinos to show you how big entertainment in Cyprus is. The casinos here can easily compete with the ones in the infamous Las Vegas. Games such as poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, slots, etc are well known here. You will find the majority of the casinos in Kyrenia which is known to be a famous tourist spot. Combined with the marvelous drinks, detectable food and the luxurious interiors there is no doubt that Cyprus casinos are in the top when it comes to providing a lush ambience as well as top class entertainment.

Betting, gambling and card playing have been some of the most sought after entertainment activities for tourists as well as locals in Cyprus. You will often find celebrities in Cyprus casinos who have come down for a bit of fun and to test their luck for the night. Cyprus casinos are the regular haunt of many famous singers and actors of Turkey, Greece and other parts of the world. Horse racing and betting too is a very interesting part of the gambling life here in Cyprus. Some casinos are part of hotels, so that tourists do not have to go very far to entertain themselves. All in all, North Cyprus is the house to about 20 to 25 casinos that are luxurious, sophisticated and top-notch. You will also find holiday village casinos here that offer you plenty off card and slot games to enjoy. Over the years, Cyprus has also been known as the "off-shore refuge" for gambling for Turkey, Greece and the Middle East. Here at North Cyprus casinos we provide you direct trips from the north and the south side of Cyprus to some of the best gambling destinations in town. We can pick and drop you off in style either in a limousine or in a luxury car of your choice. Without visiting one of the casinos in Cyprus which is known for its one of a kind atmosphere and crowd, you are missing out a great deal in Cyprus.