Fishing in Cyprus

Hook, line and sinker - Right here at Cyprus

If you really want to see why fishing is so popular in Cyprus, this article gives you quite a bit of information. Fishing in Cyprus is certainly a must try even for a novice. With several places to fish at and some wonderful fish variety at Cyprus we can guarantee that you will enjoy this experience thoroughly.

Fishing isn't just a popular sport for visitors; you will find many locals in Cyprus fishing around the dams across both the Republic and in the North of Cyprus. With the wide variety of fish available this is every sea food lover's dream come true. With the boat excursions around the island fishing in Cyprus can be experienced firsthand with the help of some experts. Nature's bounty is at its best in Cyprus as there are plenty of fishes to choose from. Some of the common species are

Saltwater fish: sea bass, barracuda, tuna, bluefish, jack, blackfish, scorpion fish, mullet, jack, sea bream, parrot fish, swordfish.

Freshwater fish: crayfish, catfish, trout and carp

Here are some of the details to help you get started:

To keep the fishing experience a joy for everyone and the aquatic balance intact, there are some procedures to adhere to in Cyprus. To start freshwater fishing in Cyprus all that you need to do is obtain a license from either the Head Office of the Fisheries Department in Nicosia, or one of the District Offices of Fisheries Departments. You can find them located at Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Latsi and Paralimni. The license costs 17€ per reservoir, you could also buy a license which covers all reservoirs for 34€. The license will expire at the end of the year. You can also purchase a group license for 8.50€ per person which is valid for a fortnight – this is perfect for visitors who are not planning to stay for long. Fishing is only allowed during the day and there is a catch limit per species to keep in mind as well. However, for those who would prefer fishing in the sea, you can fish any number of fishes of any variety and there is no requirement for a license either. However, you will need to purchase a license for commercial fishing as well as fishing with nets or spear fishing at night or with aqua lungs. Your fishing in Cyprus expedition needn't just stop there, you can go on a deep-sea fishing excursion available at most resorts on a half day or full day basis and take in the gorgeous sites to fish in.