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Limassol is situated on the southern coast of the island of Cyprus on Akrotiri Bay. The city of Limassol is the second largest and the municipality of Limassol is the most populated one in the island. The city spreads for almost ten miles along the coast and is the largest sea side city in Cyprus. The Limassol port is the largest in Cyprus and is one of the busiest in the Mediterranian. From ancient times Limassol was famous for its wine and sugarcane by traders from all across the globe. At present Limassol is the wine making centre of the island. Wines and cognacs made here are exported to other European countries and they are of top quality. A lot of industries that deal with textiles, furniture, shoes, food products, plastic and metal are situated in this town and therefore it's the industrial hub of the province. The ship management companies situated in Limassol play a major role in the economic growth of the island as a whole as the tax system of shipping is very attractive and these companies have their main branches in this town.

These ship management companies employ almost 4000 people. The construction industry is also booming in Limassol along with its tourism. The tourist area lies along the coast where all holiday accommodations, resorts, villas and apartments are situated .Besides these are wide range of pubs, discos and night clubs. A new attractive marina has also been constructed equipped with all the facilities for yachtsmen.

Climate in this part typically Mediterranian with dry hot summers and rainy cool winters. The pressure of the troodos mountain on the backdrop of the city keeps it very cool. The summers and winters are separated by spring and autumn season which are very mild.

The town is the home for the Cyprus university of technology. It also has a number of museums and archeological sites renowned for its cultural tradition.

Limassol town always has a holiday atmosphere with the sea side walkways, shopping streets, pubs, discos and clubs all adding to its reputation. The town also has the best known festivals of Cyprus famous being the annual wine festival in September and many other carnivals.

Kourion :

A major archeological attraction of Limassol the state of ancient city of Kourion is considered to be the most beautiful among such sites in Cyprus. Many remains of both Roman and Greek era could be found here and this includes a theatre and a stadium. The theatre is now a venue for many musical and theatrical performances. This site is located very near to Limassol city.

Limassol Castle :

Situated on the old harbour area this castle was build during the 14TH century. It was here that the Lion Heart king Richard married Berengaria of Navarre and crowned her as the queen of England in 1191. The Cyprus medieval museum is housed in this fort today which has a fascinating collection of weaponry, swords, helmets and canons. The basement has a few cells which was the prison until 1950. A visit to the wonderful old medieval fort is a must.

Kolossi Castle :

The castle was constructed in the 13TH century and was again rebuilt in the 15TH century to its present appearance .This castle where the medieval history is preserved perfectly is a fine piece of military architecture. The stoneworks are still in good condition and the spiral stairways and the battlements inside are worth exploring. Some other ruins and structures could be found very near to this castle which includes a sugar mill built in the 14TH century. This castle is situated 14km west of Limassol on the road towards Paphos.

Cyprus Wine Museum :

The Cyprus wine museum is situated in the village of Erimi. The wine history of the island is exhibited in the museum. A collection of old jars, vessels and pots that were used in the processing and manufacture are kept inside along with few photos in the backdrops and an audiovisual system that explains all the aspects from cultivation to production of wine. You also get a chance to taste some local wine and even buy a bottle at a good and reasonable price.

Lofov Village :

A 20 minute drive from Limassol towards the mountain ranges of Troodos lies this village of Lofov. A drive that takes you to the peaceful past life from the maddening present day life in the city. Listed by the UNESCO as an architecturally important village with almost all the houses restored to its traditional shape, this village is a perfect place in the island which also boasts about its apex tourism.

Sayious Adventure Park :

This goes out to those looking for unique experience and fun adventure in Cyprus. Many adventures which include off road tour on Buggies, go last drifts, paintball, archery, fun for kids, group activities and games are on offer a perfect destination to have fun filled day especially if you are travelling along with a crowd.

Fasouri Water Mania :

Aplace for everyone to enjoy the fun rides and splashing waters and get cool from the heat of the summer sun. Almost 21 rides serves the need for visitors of all age groups that include a kiddie pool for the little ones. There are a few restaurants and cafes inside and the whole park provides a fun safe environment.

Limassol Zoo :

The zoo in Limassol is situated near the promenade. The zoo has a museum and an educational centre where films about wildlife and nature are shown. The zoo has almost 300 inhabitants of animals and birds which includes lions, tigers, panthers, monkeys, zebras, peacocks, vultures, bears ,falcons and many more. Special area for children also has been set up in the area.

My Mall Limassol :

This shopping mall is located very near to the city of Limassol and is the largest mall in the island. A number of stores with clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, books, electronic goods and music stores are lined up in this mall to serve everyone's shopping needs. To add on there is a skating ring, a bowling alley and a kids play area at the lower floor. Fast food joints and restaurants are also be seen on the first floor of the mall.

Beaches :

Of all the cities Limassol city has the longest coastline in Cyprus. One of the most preferred beaches by the tourist is the Lady Mile. With its shallow clear waters is one of the safest for kids and wind surfing. It's just a 15 minute drive town centre and located very near to Limassol New Port. The Governers beach is far away from the town is not a crowded one. It has a rocky area beneath the shore and is a perfect place for watching the sunrise, fishing and snorkeling. The Kourion beach is also a spectacular beach with Kourion amphitheatre on the cliff near the beach. This cliff near beach is ideal for hand gliders to emerge from and beach provides good opportunities for wind surfing and sailing. At times this place gets overcrowded. The Pissouri Beach is one of the unspoilt beaches offering water sports and safe swimming atmosphere. Many restaurants are lined up along this beach which serves Cypriot cuisines. It never gets overcrowded here. Flo Cafe Beach Cove is situated in the heart of tourist area is also a clean and safe beach.

Shopping, Dining and Nightlife :

A wide range of shops fill the town of Limassol especially the promenade selling things from gifts or handicrafts to even designer clothing. Many book shops could also be spotted here. A large number of tavernas which serves traditional Cypriot food, restaurants serving seafood cafes and pubs are lined up in this city offering a wide choice of dining. The nightlife here is lively with many discos, bars and clubs entertaining its quests until the early hours of morning.

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