Limousine Rental

Get ready for a spectacular Limousine experience

Hiring a limo for any kind of an occasion can turn the ordinary and mundane into a memorable experience of a lifetime. Limousines scream luxury, elegance and are a status symbol for many. They can instantly provide a confidential environment perfect to conduct a business meeting or can be a haven for family and friends to get together and go out. Parties, business meets, weddings, proms, homecoming, graduation, and so many other events can be made perfect by hiring limousines to start and end the event perfectly. Cyprus is no exception to the rule; the people of the island need fashion, comfort and style just as anywhere else. Their need for specialized transport services is on the increase, now more than before. This is why our services provides you with the right limousine for the right occasion.

Having a limousine pick you up from the airport and drop you wherever you choose in the island might seem like an expensive affair, however with our services you can rest assured knowing that you get exclusive services at competitive rates. We understand that a special occasion requires a special vehicle, and our transport services are downright spectacular.

We provide you with a variety of chauffeur driven elegance on wheels Limousines that are perfect for all occasions. You can choose from the classy Mercedes Viano, the majestic Mercedes S Class, the stylish Chrysler C 300, the chic Porsche Cayenne and the exclusive Hummer H2. Depending on your engagement these Limousines can be made available at a reasonable fee and time. Often tourists are looking for vehicles and services to meet with their high standards; this is where our services play a vital role. With our services you can see, feel and recognize a service that is superior and exclusive in all levels. We are a brand that has been in the market long enough to know how to provide you with high class services irrespective of the occasion.

You can enjoy a truly luxurious ride as our limousines are fitted with top of the line TV and entertainment systems, outrageously comfortable interiors, and beautifully powerful engines that won't even let you recognize the traffic outside. Come sip on some champagne with your friends, colleagues, family and business partners and enjoy a luxurious trip that we offer you today.