Shopping in Cyprus

Hook, line and sinker - Right here at Cyprus

Cyprus isn't just a center for entertainment, great locations and mouth watering food. The tradition of Cyprus is influenced greatly by a Turkish and Greek touch. The craftsmanship, the artistry and the uniquely original talent found in Cyprus is second to none.

Cyprus is known for its locally produced handmade goods such as leather, woven products, ceramic products, metallic items, ornaments, decorative items and jewelry. Cyprus is also known for its quality wine and spirits, mainly because the climate is simply perfect for making them. There are annual wine festivals and you can pop the bottle in one of the many inns in the villages for a divine experience. A wide variety is available in grocery shops and duty free shops. Some of the recommended wines include Comandaria and Zivania as well as other local wines. For quality souvenirs you will find that the Cyprus Handicraft Center to give you a variety of options.

You can even find some small furniture shops that have incredible craftsmanship. If you are in Cyprus buying the customary Lefkaritika lace is a must. The intricate design, the hemstitch, needlepoint edgings, the colors and the beautiful patterns are indeed a beautiful sight. The Lefkaritika lace has been a handmade produce for ages, which has been perfected over time and effort, it should be in every tourist's list to purchase. You will the people of Cyprus to be huge coffee lovers, you will find several cafes all across the island and locals and tourists sitting and pass the time. The most famous coffees include frappes and the traditional Cypriot coffee which is pretty similar to the espresso. When it comes to jewelry you will find a great deal of Greek influence in the collection. There are small and big shops selling precious, semi-precious stones and metals with incredible work on them.

Larnaca is a modern hub when it comes to shopping. It is filled with large shopping centers and quaint little boutiques which allow you to go crazy on your shopping spree. Paphos on the other hand is well known for its leather produce, such as bags, wallets, coats, belts, gloves, shoes and jackets. Some of the shops are great at customizing leather items as well. Limassol is a diverse retail outlet that has become a shopper's paradise with its combination of local shops and large chain of stores. Limassol is also a fashion paradise as it carries some of the best labels in the world. This is definitely a place for the serious shoppers, as you will find high-end, low-end and designer wear boutiques and shops all around. The clothes, accessories, cosmetics and jewelry are truly one of a kind. Your trip to Cyprus is not complete without shopping for the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.