Troodos Attractions

Situated in the central region of Cyprus are the biggest mountain ranges the Troodos mountains. Stretching across the southwest of the island these mountain ranges highest peak is the mount Olympus at an altitude of 1952 m above the sea level. During the ancient time Troodos was famous for its thick forests and rich copper mines which were used for ship building and making weapons. It was also a centre of religious art during the reign of Byzantines. Many churches and monasteries were constructed by their monks and the famous painted churches of Cyprus are situated in these mountains. These churches with their superb art depictions and impressive paintings have been listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Several vineyards are situated on the lower slopes of these ranges. These mountains are also rich in a variety of flowers such as pink rock rose lavender, almond trees, cherry, apples, orchids ,thick pine trees and cedars at higher elevations. The mountain ranges are the most undisturbed places in the whole island and host many beautiful villages . These picturesque and tranquil villages with its narrow streets preserves traditional architecture on the terraced slopes.

The traditions and heritage play a very important role in these villagers daily life. Many local festivals and events takes place here. Local ceremonies that honour the memory of patron saint of a village, arts and crafts festivals , exhibitions of local homemade products such as bread ,sweets and meat and famous wine tasting event along with many such functions are given high priority by these locals and tourism organization of Cyprus has taken steps for promoting these events to introduce the rural Cyprus to the public.The summer months here are hot and dry but cooler than the coastal towns. Sunshine lasting for almost 12 hours can be expected during these months mainly from June to August while the average temperature being 30 c.During the winter months from November to March sunshines for about 6 hours a day and the temperature ranges from 14 to 17c.

Troodos offers many attractions to its visitors .Geologists, botanists, bird watchers, bikers, photographers, nature lovers almost all have something to do in these mountains. A wide range of hotels, restaurants ,accommodations in traditional houses or 5 star hotels, establishments promoting agro tourism are situated here. Leisure activities such as archery, mountain biking, trekking, horse riding also attracts many visitors to these areas.These mountain ranges also hosts one of the worlds most famous car rally championships. The highest peak Mount Olympus has 4ski slopes offering ideal skiing settings for novice and expert skiers.

Troodos with its natural trails, waterfalls, natural beauty and fresh air is surely a place to be.

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