Aphrodite Rocks

Aphrodite is the goddess often associated with love, romance, beauty, fertility and sexuality and this Greek goddess is also named "Venus" by the Romans. According to Greek mythology this goddess was born when angry Kronos (Saturn) the leader and the youngest of the descendands of Gaia (the earth) and Uranus( the sky) cut his father's (Uranus) genitals and threw them in the sea. The aftermath was the formation of white foam and it was from this that the fully grown goddess emerged out from the sea standing on a scallop shell. Her name comes from the Greek word "Afros" which means foam.

The goddess was so gorgeous and charming that almost all the gods fell in love with her. Zeus (father of gods) could not rule out a chance of war amongst the gods for Aphrodite and so arranged her marriage with the ugliest and deformed of all the gods "Hephaestus". However Aphrodite was very unhappy with this marriage. Aphrodite had numerous love affairs with both gods and men and even had many children in these relationships. She even had long term affair with Ares (Greek god of war). Adonis a baby orphan was sheltered by Aphrodite and was later handed over to Persephone (queen of the dead in the underworld) to be looked after and taken care of. Adonis was so adorable that as he grew up Aphrodite fell in love with him and so did Persephone. An argument broke out between them and Zeus intervened to prevent a disastorous outcome. He ordered Adonis to spent 4 months each with Aphrodite and Persephone and the rest 4 months of the year alone. So deep was their love that Adonis spent most of his time with Aphrodite.

Cyprus is also known as the" island of Aphrodite "as the seaside of PETRA TOU ROMIOU near Paphos is the mythical birthplace of this goddess and also known as the APHRODITES ROCK. The famous ADONIS BATHS and waterfalls near Paphos is believed to be where Aphrodite spent most of her time with Adonis and there are many myths relating to this place. These myths and interesting love stories of Aphrodite and their association with this island is one of the main reasons why many lovers and couples from all across the globe choose Cyprus as their ideal destinations for their Weddings and Honeymoon.

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