Cyprus with its golden sandy beaches,awesome weather with year round sunshine and its rich history ,culture and traditions attracts a lot of tourists into it but a major factor that pulls most of the crowd for sure is its nightlife. If you are a holiday maker in Cyprus , a variety of entertainments and activities awaits you especially during the evening and late into the night. You can choose according to your tastes and you will never be disappointed with the many choices available. There are a lot of activities to do for all age groups and for those with different tastes and likes.

You can either find a bar by the beach and sip on a cocktail or watch a football game in an English bar, walk into a pub with karaoke and live music or regular events such as quiz nights,beauty contests or other family fun amusements and for some there are those very special late night clubs.

Almost all the towns and cities in Cyprus offer a vibrant nightlife. Limassol has a lot of bars, restaurants and clubs and other entertainments for almost all age groups especially for families and Paphos too has a lot of pubs that's more couple oriented. The promenade in Larnaca has many cafes ,bars ,fastfood joints and restaurants and home to many late night clubs. As most of the tourists prefer the coastal towns its capital Nicosia has more of the local crowd. Protaras with many resorts ,bars and restaurants are much preferred by families.

For all those young crowd of devoted clubbers and party animals AIYA NAPA has so much to offer. The party capital of the Mediterranean as it is known house more than 400 bars and clubs. The place in the afternoon is half asleep as most of the tourists are either sleeping inside their hotel rooms or just hanging around or lying on the beach. But as the sunsets the streets start getting crowded and when its midnight theres people all over,lights and loud music everywhere and you could get into those many clubs or discos playing club anthems,R&B,house,garage ,trance and hip hop with local and international DJs just pulling the crowd and keeping the party live and kicking through the night until the morning light.

You need to be 18 years and over to get into a club and need to pay an admission fee at the entrance. The drinks offered in these clubs are more expensive than the bars. The Cypriot police has a zero tolerance to the use and carrying of drugs and if caught may have to face severe consequences that include heavy fines,imprisonment and deportation. Driving under the influence of alcohol especially after clubbing should be avoided and so make use of the taxis available to get back to your hotel.

If you are on a holiday to this island then you should never miss out its fun filled and lively nightlife especially the one in AIYA NAPA.