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Exotic Coach Rentals

We continually judge our handpicked, highly professional chauffeurs for their driving skills, behavior and passenger-handling attitudes. Smartly dressed up in executive style our chauffeurs are always at your service, taking care of every demands and requirements suggested by you. We remain in constant touch with each of our chauffeurs during the entire service, so as to respond promptly to any of your requirements or change in plans regarding the trip.

Our office staff is available round the clock, 365 days a year for delivering the best and hassle free services to all customers wishing their holidays or summer to be spent in Cyprus.

Our team of travel experts would plan and work out a set of schedules regarding your trip with many details of the places and attractions so that you can choose according to your tastes and budget .We also are pleased to provide the right support and services if you already have your own plans about the trip. Our chauffeur will be happy to arrange all of your needs with the right stopovers for lunch and refreshments so that you never feel tired. We will also keep you up to date with you any special local events. Whether it's a dinner, a hens or stags party, a movie or any of your personal schedule we will be happy to offer our transport services.

Booking Terms & Conditions
PICKUP PROCESS: The prices we quote for our coach rental services are for sure the most competitive rates in this industry. We constantly try to deliver the best services to you by reaching each pickup point on time. If in any unpredictable conditions in traffic occurs we will make sure that you be informed about it and try our best avoid delays. We usually gather information earlier about incidents like road works, traffic troubles due protest marches, special events, etc. Please ensure you reach the boarding point at least 5 to 10 minutes early so as to avoid last minute hassles.

AIRPORT TRANSFERS: We provide arrival and departure airport transfers. In order to serve you better details regarding the arrival and departure has to be informed in advanceā€¦the dates, flight details, contact details of the person/s. A paging service option also has to be informed in advance. Additional waiting hours if any will be informed to you at the end of the trip.

ONLINE BOOKINGS: We undertake online bookings and because of that you should have to place your reservation at least 48 hours before. Once your request has been received we immediately process the same to inform you about the proceedings to confirmation.

Our services include the following:
Daily Sightseeing Tours in Cyprus.
Educational Tours
School & University Cultural Excursions.
Conferences & Conventions
Shuttle & Airport Arrival and Departure Transfers
Sporting Events & Golf Tours
Shopping Tours
Dinner Transfers