Hiking at the Wildlife

Hiking at the Wildlife retreat in the Troodos Mountains

Hiking is the perfect activity for those who want to see the country on foot. If you love outdoors and love the exercise and fresh air that comes with it, the Troodos Mountains are ideal. The Troodos Mountains are known for their picture-perfect scenic views and snow covered peaks in the winter. Hiking is so popular in these mountains because you can go through forests, waterfalls, trail walks and enjoy the pristine views. There is a fertile and rich variety of plants, animals and birds in the forests, which is a huge adventure for nature and wildlife lovers. Certain rare birds such as the griffon vulture, the hoopoe and the nightingale are indeed a treat to watch. There are trails here that are ideal for beginners as well as advanced hikers. Take a deep breath of mountain air, burn some calories on the slopes and rest to take in the greenery around you.

You will that there are four main trails that cover the mountainous region – Atalante, Persephone, Kalidonia and Artemis.

Atalante goes round Mount Olympus.

Persephone leading to stunning viewpoints.

Kalidonia escort you to the Caledonian waterfalls

Artemis encircles the Chionistra summit.

The Troodos Mountains has over 200 kilometers of hiking trails on the island, ranging from easy to strenuous. There is a huge network of trails overlooking several destinations; there are some hiking trails for the disabled as well. The trails are dotted with monasteries and Byzantine churches for you to visit, with their traditional architecture these are a definitely a must see destination. The Troodos Mountains boasts of some of the world's best hikes, including a number of popular hiking routes such as, the Akamas Peninsula, the Aphrodite Trail, the Adonis Trail branch and the Avakas Gorge. You will find that these trails have a signpost, which gives the hikers information on the area's flora, fauna as well as geology. The geological nature of the mountains is indeed unique; several geologists come here to understand the oceanic crust, the pillow lava and the copper rich location better. The trails provide you with a stunning view across the Mediterranean, where you can see the sandy beaches and the coast line. With the combination of views, wildlife and fresh mountain air, the Troodos Mountains should be a must visit in your Cyprus holiday.