Water Sports

Hook, line and sinker - Right here at Cyprus

The beautiful beaches of Cyprus offers an ideal condition for a variety of water sports. The facilities that are offered here are charged according to rates approved by the central beach committee. However small variations in the rates can be noticed in different resorts.

One of the best facilities are offered by the many scuba diving centers and aqua clubs in almost all the beaches of Cyprus. Divers from all across the globe come to this island as it offers one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean. It is so because the water temperatures are normally warm ranging from 27¬-16 degrees and because of the year round sunshine. Wetsuits are normally not required and a one with a 4mm thickness is just what is needed during the colder months. The Zenobia wreck in Larnaca is one of the top preferred diving sites in the world and a fantastic wreck to explore.

Sailing is another major sport enjoyed by many on the beaches. If you are a beginner or someone who wants a relaxed sailing experience can opt for the safe and easy fun boats available. The tube rides and the banana boats are also a common sight on almost every beach. Facilities for paragliding,jet ski , self drive speed boats, waterski, wind surfing, water scooters, parachutes,wakeboarding, kayaking, snorkeling and many more entertaining sporty activities are available to keep you busy in these beaches.

Some of the sports you attempt may be extremely dangerous especially if you are a beginner or you actually don't know what you are doing. Professional trainers or experts can be approached or hired from almost all the dive centers or aqua clubs who are ready to help you to have a safe and good time.